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Welcome to the art Page , where I'll be placing any art or gift art , that has anything at all to do with Blaze , I adore gift art so if you make me some I might make you some back one day...Some of these might just be purely concept or idea drawings and you might never see some scenes or characters , but if thats so its because I changed the story around again XD . Please Click on the thumbnail to see the image. Haha I still bite at anatomy and all the basics !Im making it a bit easier on myself by just placing a Plugin to my DA , its much easier to submit it that way for now. Keep in mind Ive been drawing stuff for blaze since 2007 So some horrible stuff might show up. Esoecially when Im experimenting. Alot of bad things happen when I try to experiment. Dont even get me started on realisum.

Gift art (to be updated)


             By Sarall          By xAska--sanx