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Extra Page  The Page For Everything else
If you would like me to put up your Banner PM me and I'll put it up whenever. Im really fond of banners near  88x 31 , right now though XD. You can Also E-mail me at



Other Sites

Dream Manga is a monthly Online Manga Magazine , that anyone can join . Dream Manga's
storys rotate monthly  and are centered around romance.

Aethereality and Digik  are Anime Art Book Hosting sites , collecting images from various art books and series to be used in graphic sites for Avatars , layouts and more. Even if you dont edit images for thouse thing these sites can be great if your looking to study diffrent styles. ...or maybe you just want a pretty image for your desktop?

Deleters Site has some Manga tutorials , however the only ones translated to english are small and not as highquality , still useful and if you know Japanise youll probebly get alot more out of it.

My webcomics 

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