The name is Ashley. , Ive been wanting to draw a comic myself since i was a teen , and i quickly discovered...hey Im not a good artist. Oddly enough I decided to make a shoujo about a cat girl who fell to earth. This SOMEHOW turned into blaze , and as the years continued I had random ideas , and actual DREAMS that had me add on to the plot more and more. Most of its daydreams in my head , and in 2009 I completely lost confidence in my own ability so put the comic on an indefinite hitus after having tried to reconstruct it 2 time previously. This comic hasnt been off my mind in all the years though even through my side projects and I deeply look forward to moving forward. I adore Aliens , cats , animals in general but hate anything with more then 4 legs , so I pretty much hate all bugs cause they freak me out. I suck at relationships and am taking a break till Im in my 30s. I love learning new tricks for photoshop and other programs, and learning how to draw better , I have a hardcore love for books and librarys and have probably spent half my life going to the library and reading books. I look forward to being old cause it means my arts just going to have improved that much more! Also I have a black cat named Luna who once set her tail on fire somehow . Like apparently alot of manga artist who are girls? i have dark hair and wear glasses. I find it strange that theres so many...I think its partly from staying up over a computer screen.