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November 26th, 2007, 1:04 pm



Well At least Im not sick anymore...Anyway i Ha vent Updated recently and I want to say sorry for that >.< I added an extra page with nothing much on it and An Art Gallery a while ago So Any Art I make for blaze will go there and maybe past fillers And stuff XD So be sure to check it out if you have to much free time AHH my style is a mess right now i cant figure out what I want SO of course even the new pages might have drastic differences . I also want to start using a different size for my comic pages The pages i have been using are sized to small , to narrow , But It was the tokyo-pop standard size and thats where i submitted my very first pages but lets face it tokyopop pretty much sucks for comic hosting Lol . Anyway If anyone would like to recomend a good page size PLEASE do so ^.~ I'll just experiment till then

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