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January 2nd, 2008, 2:27 am



Ok i made a post But I couldn't help myself and finished up chapter 1 (It was only like 2 more pages) SO NOW Im going to ...attempt to break my way away from Blaze a bit ..POSSIBLY even get a job....So i can get a drawing tablet thus Improve 64% But anyway Yeah ...IM taking a break .....o.o OH yeah and I added A "Goodies page" I might work around the Custom Pages and Make them Nicer then they Currently are IM SEMI getting the hang of this whole HTML CSS thing ...Im stying away from custom layouts though..I tried ...Cant say it worked out so well...So yeah I made 2 blogs and if anyone wants one made custom With their Art feel free to send it in By PM (the pic) With whatever size and I'll try to get around to making it some time and Put It In My goodies page (With The Comic Name and User name somewhere On it If i can) So its like Fancy Advertising! Lol (Im having to much fun with that page) Anyway thats all for this Update I guess . Peace out !

Update: Im in college now o.0 Lol So little time eh and yeah i have yet to figure out how to make a proper layout and I wont be adding anything to the pages till i find one that will look good for all y extra pages ...then eventually i want a um ...oh yeah custom comic page layout thing But im to dim witted to figure that out for now XD

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