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March 19th, 2008, 10:43 am


Am I back? o.o

Not entirely sure...
Finally my brother was convinced to move the family computer out of his room (Where I dare not enter for it smells quiet bad) And Back into the kitchen where it originally resided. Which means I'll be able to use it..however it looks like my brother disposed of quiet a few things ...including photoshop cs3 so I'll be stuck trying to figure out gimp all over again -.-; which isn't as nice as photoshop CS3 at all but ..grr...
AFTER i hook up the scanner in the first place...Of course I'll update some to the Collab im in first so im not kicked out or something But I have pages Ive done in the past that i need to color for this comic even if they arnt the best images or whatever...I'll eventually redo the entire comic in a few years so I'll worry about that ...later.

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