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May 18th, 2008, 8:18 am


Oh No Im going Crazy

YES THATS RIGHT . Im moving again ...moving has become a yearly thing in my family anyway Im not only going to be gone possibly a few months...
(all i think of is this comic and its unhealthy)
I will REFUSE to draw anymore of Blaze until I get a drawing tablet ...Because I'm so close to getting one I can almost taste it...And so um...I will soon be deleting every one of my pages...Yeah..

I'm also going to change the way the story starts out. ...Maybe even someones outfit...Pfft Like I know
I Just want that drawing tablet so bad...And until we refurbish the new house ,Eh or should i say oldhouse I'm tough out of luck.

Man no one reads this stuff anyway but ..just wanted to say yeah...Its going to be back eventually and when it is it will be better then ever!

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