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May 9th, 2012, 11:20 pm


Back shortly

Yeah you read right ,
However due to URL issues from way back , and just downright old content , The custom pages arnt worth clicking on , they link to someone elses comic (someone who took my URL and Im trying to get back now that they in fact are inactive like I was ) and even so the pages need to be updated. Im going to keep with a basic default layout so as not to spend way to much of my time working on a layout and not a comic. Im currently redoing the script and working on character redesighns...or naming them in general ...names like Emporor , Scientist , that green guy , and bitchy general are in fact not names simply how I think of them in my head and I do need to in fact create names for them....
Im changing the comic up a bit , Gale wont be introduced first off , and will be introduced later instead , but I wont say more then that. Ive never done a script in thumbnails before so I got to figure that out. Also Im not going to go on hitus on my other comic TOS , so Im not sure with I shall be updating both since I think Im at a crucial moment in TOS I also need to rewrite and thubnail? (hope this method will work better for me) ANYWAY BLA BLA i type alot. ANyway expect to see ,..pretty big diffrences in the upcoming pages , Im probably going to change the color scyme , not to mention how I color in general now >.< , its been years since I puked up pages so ( I know thats gross but it sounded intresting so I typed it ) Idk what will come up entirely ....BUt im totally excited , since Blaze (even if the name is unoriginal ) is my fav of the comics and the first thing I daydream about when I listen to music even now ^.^ Until now I havent had the confidence to continue so looking forward to it ! Until then Thank you people who still have me on your favs somehow ! <3

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